Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents occur when you are in a residence or place of business and slip on a wet, uneven, or otherwise faulty surface.


Slip and fall accidents occur when you are in a residence or place of business and slip on a wet, uneven, or otherwise faulty surface. If a slip and fall accident occurs, you may have grounds for legal action. Those responsible for upkeep of the area, property owners, managers, or others may be held liable for the unsafe conditions that led to your fall. Their legal responsibility encompasses any medical bills, loss of earning capacity, or a myriad of other expenses ensuing from your accident.

There are dozens of hazardous situations that can lead to slip and fall accidents. Examples include hazardous weather conditions, insufficient lighting, a missing wet floor sign, or even a torn carpet. These conditions are crucial to document, as they will provide traction for your case to prove that another party is liable.

Who is Responsible ?

Knowledge of the circumstances of your accident, including identification of who may be responsible, is vital for our success. Owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their grounds clear of potential hazards. In order for your case to be successful, we must prove that the person who was tasked with maintaining a safe environment has neglected this responsibility, leading to your injury.


  1. Was the hazard present for long enough such that the owner or individuals tasked to maintain the premises could have taken action to fix it?
  2. Was the property inspected or maintained as to prevent such a hazard from occurring and causing the injury?
  3. Does the hazard have reasonable justification to occur, and if not, is this lack of foresight valid in proving your injury?
  4. Did lack of light or reduction of visibility cause the accident?

As well as proving that another party was responsible for the hazard, we must prove that you (or your loved one) were in no way responsible for it. If and when the defendant argues that the accident was your fault, we are presented with a case of comparative fault. If a settlement is reached in this scenario, your compensation will correlate with your percentage of fault in the situation. For example, if your case is awarded $20,000 in damages, and you were found to hold 50% of the blame, you would only receive $10,000 as compensation. In order for this to occur, the defendant must prove that your accident was a product of your own inattention or mistakes.

Let California Accident Firm represent you in Slip and Fall Accidents!

Nevertheless, our firm is here to fully support and fight for you, by handling the negotiations and heavy lifting, therefore allowing you and your family to focus on recovery. Building evidence that supports your claim, as well as securing compensation in your name, are only part of the job; we will answer any questions you may have and lead you through the process, from A to Z.